Núñez Noble & Asociados

Nuñez Noble & Asociados is a professional firm in the areas of Law and Finance, founded in 1997.

Its organized by a group of lawyers and financial advisers who specialize in providing services to companies in numerous areas, mainly Service Companies, Hospitality, Real Estate, Import/Export, as well as the Commercial sector, among others.

Our Objective

Provide our customers with the support and assistance of our team of multidisciplinary professionals in the areas of Law, Finance and Real Estate Management, in order to help them develop their projects with the confidence, organization, security and efficiency that this company can provide.

The professionals in our firm are members of the most prestigious professional associations in the Dominican Republic and abroad:

    • Bar Association of the Dominican Republic
    • Fundacion Institucionalidad y Justicia - FINJUS
    • Business Lawyers Association
    • American Bar Association (ABA)
    • Spain Royal Chamber of Commerce - FIA
    • American Chamber of Commerce
    • Dominican - Brazilian Chamber of Commerce