For each of the service areas listed below, there are teams of lawyers that work jointly or individually in order to meet all customer requirements.


1 Civil, Commercial & Corporate Law

Núñez Noble & Asociados, Nunez Noble & Asociados, offers advice to clients in relation to all basic and complex corporate matters, especially those related to business development, incorporation and everyday legal affairs as well as any particular regulation that might affect their businesses. Our attorneys concentrate all their efforts on issues such as acquisitions, strategic alliances and mergers. We have all the structure to assist our customers in setting up companies offshore & at a local level.

Similarly, we provide assistance in the registration of new companies & existing companies in different jurisdictions, according to the specific needs of the client and their business objective. In addition, we offer advice on all aspects of commercial, legal and regulatory organization for installation and beginning of operations in the country.

Given our experience in different related areas of practice, such as intellectual property, tax law, litigation, labor law and mergers and acquisitions, this allows us to offer an efficient service with high added value to our customers interested in Civil, Commercial and Corporate Law.

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2 Foreign Investment: Promotion and Development

As collaborating entity in the promotion and development of foreign investment, Nunez Noble & Asociados is at the forefront in all legal matters regarding business areas such as Tourism, Free Zones, Distribution and Representation Agencies, Telecommunications and Environmental issues.

The Dominican economy has as its major contributor the tourism sector; the development of projects and the operation of hotels nationwide have grown substantially. Our firm provides assistance in obtaining the permits for the operation of hotels, tour operators, travel agents and tours, among others. We can assist with the real estate transactions and imports related to the Tourism Sector and under the Industry’s Incentive Act.

Similar to the Tourism Sector, the Free Zones and the Industrial Sector in general constitute a major source of foreign exchange for the country and it is a segment that is in constant growth in the national economy. We provide counseling in the areas of corporate law, investment incentives and customs, to companies in this type of business and to investors interested in developing new industries in the country.

Nunez Noble & Associates also assists importers of goods and other products in the negotiation, implementation, subscription and termination of international commercial contracts, including rendering, agencies, commissions and several other types of agreements

The Dominican Republic joins the large group of countries that is developing and implementing environmental laws in the various economic areas of the country. To this end, Nunez Noble & Asociados offers advice to local and foreign clients on the most effective and minimum expensive way to comply with the laws, rules and regulations existing in the environmental area.

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3 Legal and Financial Advice for Business

Nunez Noble & Associates offers its services to both lenders and debtors in a diverse range of financial services. We also offer advice and support in regards to regulations for compliance with financial institutions. We provide advice on banking and financial aspects, companies interested in structuring loans and guarantees, managing their trade disputes and coordinating all the legal aspects of banking activities of customers with local and international banks.

Similarly, we support buyers and sellers of financial institutions and act on behalf of those interested in establishing bank branches and/or representation offices of international financial institutions in the country.

Our experience allows us to offer counsel and advice with the most innovative legal structure in order to effectively provide our clients with a service that meets the specific needs of their business activities.

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4 Labor and Tax Law

Many companies are concerned with the part of labor law that affects their relationships with employees, the lack of legal advice which leads to litigation and extraordinary expenses in some cases.

Nationwide we provide support on labor matters with highly trained staff in the labor laws, the labor and social security regulations active in the country.

Moreover, our finance team can assist in organizing all fiscal aspects for the operation of your projects, viewed from a legal perspective, reducing the economic impact that mismanagement in this area may cause. Also, our team can assist you in dealing with the tax authorities for cases that require amnesty, negotiation, agreements, among others.

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5Litigation and Disputes

Nunez Noble & Asociados has a Litigation Team with a strong experience in procedures on civil, commercial, labor, intellectual property, arbitration and litigation areas. We focus our litigation practice toe the business processes of our customers.

We have specialists in the field with extensive practice in labor, civil, administrative, criminal, arbitration, commercial and specialist in sectors such as Hospitality, Real Estate and Telecommunications.




6 Legalization of Documents Notarizations

Nunez Noble & Associates offers its clients an expedited processing and notary service for contracts; Apostille and Legalisation of documents locally or in Consulates and/or Foreign Ministries.







7Real Estate Law

The Real Estate market is in high demand in the Dominican Republic; in the light of this we offer property management and leasing services in general. We offer consulting services in real estate from buying and selling property to the acquisition and legalization of titles and other legal documents related.

Nunez Noble & Asociados handles all aspects of law around the real estate area, in regard to the preparation of the documentation and negotiation of the terms of purchase or sale, monitoring and demarcation of land division.

Similarly, we offer services to obtain from the relevant government authorities, building, land use and execution permits to any company. For those dedicated to tourism sector, this services are requested before the Ministry of Tourism. We provide support for acquisition of classification under the Law for the Promotion of Tourism Development.


8 Family Law

In Family Law matters, Nunez Noble & Asociados is responsible of matters related to the household, regularization of identity and/or transcript of birth certificates of children of foreign-born Dominicans, adoptions, travel permits for minors, among others.

Our Family Law experts provide advice to our clients on important topics such as:

  • • Regular Dissolution of Marriage
  • • Express Divorce for Foreigners
  • • Prenuptial and Separation Agreements
  • • Agreements on properties
  • • Custody
  • • Adoption and guardianship of minors
  • • Wills
  • • Estate planning

We also assist with issues such as inheritance, donations and any matter related to family finances and property, all this in compliance with the provisions of the current law and under the strictest standards of ethics and confidentiality.


9NN Collections

Division specialized in providing effective solutions for the return of assets and improving the profitability of the collections, without the customer having to incur in additional expenses or affecting trade relations with its debtors.

We have a qualified team, cutting edge technology and strategically located offices, making our management the most reliable of the market, presenting with this the best guarantee, quality and efficiency of our services